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"My guided tours have nothing to do with boring history lessons or  walking from sight to sight rattling off dates, facts and numbers. A guided tour should be an experience, paint pictures in your head and, above all, you should be a little more in love with the place you are walking through."

City and local tours in the Salzkammergut

Salzkammergut vacationer?  

Day tripper?  

Club chairperson?  

Travel agency?  

Locals who want to get to know their homeland?  

You are all right with me.  

I offer tailor-made tours in the Salzkammergut that are anything but ordinary.  

Reasons to tour with me:

Individual tours 

Insider tips from professionals

Happy and satisfied customers are important to me

I am absolutely passionate and excited about what I do

There are so many different tours: 
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Tamara Bruckschlögl

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