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I'll show you what you don't see. 


© Magdalena Feichtinger

I'm Tamara Bruckschlögl from Tours by Tamara and I work as a

state-certified tour guide in Upper Austria, mainly in the Salzkammergut.


All those who want to discover something new and who are interested in exciting stories about the country and its people are right with me. Not only tourists are my target group. Locals who want to fall in love with their homeland again are definitely in good hands with me.

Traveling and discovering new things has always been my passion. That's probably why I found my calling in tourism.


It all started with a few internships as a service worker in Switzerland. After finishing school, I immediately went into the professional world and I got to know all areas of the hotel industry. My absolute passion and the place where I spent most of my time was the reception. It was a great pleasure for me to be in contact with guests and to give tips on their stay. Very often I got the compliment to have turned a stay into a unique experience with my excursion tips.

Finally, I switched fronts to the travel agency industry, where my experience, creativity and enthusiasm stood me in good stead.


© Magdalena Feichtinger


In 2020, all of us were probably hit hard by the pandemic, especially the travel industry. I was lucky enough to keep my job and fulfill my dream. Thanks to the reduced working hours, I was able to start training as a tourist guide. This training is not a child's play, you learn Austrian history and art history from the beginning to the present. Also folklore, geography, political education and law. Of course also how to deal with groups, how to set up a tour and first aid.

It concludes with 3 partial examinations before a state commission in a theoretical, a practical and a written part. Only after passing these tests you are entitled to work as a tourist guide in Austria.


In October 2021 the time had come for me and I had the certificates in my pocket and therefore the right to take guests into a world that they didn’t know yet.

© Magdalena Feichtinger

My focus on the tours is in my homeland, the Salzkammergut. I have to admit, I'm in love with this region. Many guests come here because of the scenery, but very few know the many stories of this region. And that's exactly my job. On a city or town tour or even on a bus tour through the region, you will learn all sorts of exciting things from the past. However, my guided tours have nothing to do with boring history lessons or walking from one sight to the next. It's about creating images in your head and turning every tour into an experience, and if everything goes well, then you're not only smarter, you're also a little more in love with the place you went through.


© Magdalena Feichtinger

Interested in a guided tour?

I am happy about every request.

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